Work continues on Railcoach 279

It would appear that the lack of motivation after the Christmas break doesn’t extend to the Fylde Transport Trust as less than two weeks in and there is another update on the restoration of Railcoach 279 with more progress being made.

The new end domes have now been removed from the tram but that’s all part of the project as further work needs to be undertaken with them off 279. All four destination apertures (two on each end) have now been fitted and it is necessary for the final filling work to take place. While the domes are off the chance will also be taken the panels below the windscreens are being finalised – this is the step required to give the tram its distinctive nose profile not seen since it was converted into a towing car in the 1960s.

The FTT have also commissioned Wigan Aluminium of Edenfield to make the four windscreens for 279.

With 2020 just getting going the work continuing on returning 279 to the rails shows no signs of slowing down.

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