Where are they now? Barrow Corporation Tividale trams

Following the closure of Barrow Corporation Tramways in 1932 six Tividale design trams were sold on further use as holiday accommodation before some were then sold on for possible preservation. The question mark in the headline is very much a question mark though as their whereabouts now seems to be unknown so we are throwing it out to the readers of this website to see whether anyone can help!

Built in 1921 by Brush of Loughborough the ten trams were numbered 36-45 in the Barrow fleet and had been ordered by the Corporation following their takeover of the system from BET. Built to the Tividale design as seen across the West Midlands they only saw 11 years use before the system was closed.

Six of the ten were sold on to form holiday accommodation at Saltcoats but after World War II changes were made there and some were on the move again. Alec Stott took on some of the trams and moved them to Widnes where they were rehabilitated. The intention was that they would be preserved but the trail seems to have gone cold!

Last heard of it is believed there were two bodies still in store without public access in Widnes but that is all that is known.

We have recently been contacted by Colin Withey who is keen to find out more about the trams and so if anyone out there can help with any more information please let us know through the usual channels.

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