Reduced Tram-Train service resumes

Two services an hour have now resumed on the Stagecoach Supertram Tram-Train service between Cathedral and Rotherham Parkgate following the clearance of enough Stadler Citylink vehicles in order to operate. As you will recall the entire fleet of Citylink Tram-Trains were withdrawn from service on Friday 13th December after a fault was discovered leading to the suspension of the regular service to Parkgate.

It is understood that the fleet was withdrawn following the failure of 399 202 north of Castle Square on Friday 13th December but it has not been confirmed if this led directly to their withdrawal or was a coincidence. The BBC have now reported that the reason for withdrawal was a hydraulics fault but no further information has been released in regards to this.

Stadler undertook safety checks on the entire fleet and this was advanced enough on Tuesday 17th December for services to resume with the 1527 from Cathedral and 1531 from Parkgate. Only a twice hourly service is currently running (still one an hour down on the usual service) until such a time as further Citylink vehicles are cleared for a return to service.

This marks the second time since the launch of the Tram-Train service in October 2018 that the entire Citylink fleet has been withdrawn from operation. This was due to a fault on the underframe of one of the vehicles. What is strange this time is that the withdrawal came at the end of a period when a limited service was running anyway as Stadler were undertaking rectification work on the fleet.

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