Trams in the works at Seaton

Obviously an important part of any tramway is the maintenance of the tram fleet and the Seaton Tramway in Devon is no different. Recently three trams have been – or are going – through the works at Riverside Depot with a longer term project in 19 having been joined by 16 and then 12.

One tram which enjoyed a brief spell through the works was single-decker 16 – an ex-Bournemouth Corporation car – with the general maintenance programme seeing the tram receive attention to its trucks leading to the tram being off the road for a short period whilst this maintenance took place.

The longer-term project is that on 19 which has been undergoing an overhaul for much of the year. The work is now progressing well and it is expected that the tram will be completed before the end of 2019. It is likely to be back operating by the time of the Polar Express specials in the lead up to Christmas.

Meanwhile, 12 has recently suffered a fault which has caused it to be withdrawn from service awaiting repairs. With work concentrating on 19 for now – and the wait for parts to allow the repair to take place –  it looks as if it may be 2020 before this tram is running with passengers once more but with the main summer season starting to come to a close the higher capacity trams may be less needed anyway.

One of 16’s trucks has recently been removed for maintenance and we see it here with 16 to the right. (Photograph by Keith Chadbourne)

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