Metrolink punctuality remains consistent

Punctuality and reliability on Manchester Metrolink has remained consistent as the latest performance figures are released. These statistics relate to period one of the 2019/20 year and are between 1st and 27th April with 91.5% of all trams departing less than two minutes late and 99.4% of all planned miles operated.

The punctuality was slightly down on the previous four week period (91.5% from 91.6%) but remained pretty consistent. This time around the Ashton-under-Lyne line had the best punctuality at 97.4% with the lowest performing line being the Bury line at 87%.

Meanwhile on the reliability front there was a small increase (99.4% from 99.2%) with the Airport line almost managing a perfect record with 99.9% of planned miles operated. Again the Bury line was at the bottom end of the scale but still with a very creditable 98.7% of miles operated.

In total 0.20% of all journeys were cancelled with a further 0.28% short journeys recorded.

Throughout this four week period a number of incidents did impact on the service. The usual suspects of road traffic collisions, points faults (Victoria on 25th April), signalling fault (again at Victoria, this time on 22nd April) and other system issues (tram faults and communication faults) were all recorded.

Despite the above these are still pretty good figures for Metrolink especially considering how complex the system has now become and the fact that one small delay can impact several lines quite quickly.

* The latest stats can be viewed on the TfGM website.

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