In Pictures: Supertram trackwork moves along Middlewood Road

Following on from the Supertram rail replacement work over the Easter weekend at the junction of the Blue and Yellow routes at Hillsborough the worksite has moved along Middlewood Road with the current concentration on the inbound track from Dykes Hall Road to almost at Hillsborough Corner. The tram service from both Halfway and Meadowahll continues to terminate at Hillsborough, as it will until June. Stuart Cooke and his camera provide the following images.

Taken through the windscreen of a tram the limit of tram operations on 22nd April is seen here with the worksite immediately ahead.

Along Middlewood Road and the inbound line is blocked off allowing work on the track relay to commence.

New track waits to be laid.

Rumours that Supertram are to go narrow gauge are unfounded! With old track removed and new waiting to be put into place on Middlewood Road.

Another view on Middlewood Road showing the new track in place. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke)

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