Branch Line Society to tour the Blackpool Tramway

The Branch Line Society are well known for their unique tours mainly on the national rail network but they do also sometimes dip into trams including a couple of tours recently at Crich which have covered practically every inch of track available. For their latest tour they will be heading to Blackpool for a tour across the tramway which will once again cover several rare pieces of track plus some unique moves utilising Engineering Car 754!

The Blackpool Balloon will take place on Saturday 26th January and will, unsurprisingly considering its name, utilise a Balloon Car. It is planned to cover Rigby Road and Starr Gate Depots, North Pier centre track, Thornton Gate centre track, Fisherman’s Walk crossover, Fleetwood Ferry inner and outer loops, Bispham centre track and the Starr Gate wash and headshunt. It is planned that different tracks at the two depots will be covered from the Branch Line Society’s previous visit. Then just for an added bit of interest it is planned that Engineering Car 754 will pilot two rare moves “on lines not wired: Manchester Square crossover and the tracks along Blundell Street as far as safely possible”.

The tour is due to meet up at Starr Gate Depot at 1030 and will include a break before ending by 1730. All proceeds from the tour will got to Heritage Tram Tours and will cost £40 for Branch Line Society members, £52 for non-members and under 18s (who must be accompanied by an adult) receiving a £20 discount. The price of the ticket includes a stocklist, souvenir ticket and map.

Bookings can be made online.

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