September Review – Isle of Man: No. 3 – Groudle Shuttles

When the Manx Electric Railway opened in 1893 it only ran between Derby Castle and Groudle and to commemorate this on Wednesday 5th September 2018 special Groudle shuttles ran between the two utilising the two remaining original motors – 1 and 2 (with a few appearances of long-lost no. 3!)

The Groudle shuttles ran from the Groudle siding at Derby Castle and that is where we see 1 waiting in this early morning view. Winter Saloon 20 along with trailer 57 wait on the normal departure track to form the 0840 to Ramsey.

2 heads off with a Groudle service passing 1 which has been awaiting access to the Groudle siding.

At Groudle itself with 2 on the southbound track as 6+46 approach from the south.

2 waits at Groudle.

This final shot shows 1 at Howstrake as it heads back down to Derby Castle. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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