Luas passengers remain satisfied with service

Despite problems with reliability experienced since the opening of the cross city extension last December the vast majority of passengers on Luas remain satisfied with the service according to a recent survey conducted on behalf of the National Transport Authority.

Passengers travelling on Luas, Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann, Irish Rail and DART were all questioned with the tram system coming out on top – 96% of all passengers questioned (on an admittedly low sample size) were satisfied with the service although this did see a 2% reduction from 2017’s survey. Overall on all transport modes 93% of travellers were satisfied with the service provided (a 2% increase from 2017).

304 Luas passengers responded to the survey with 47% being very satisfied (up from 42%) and 49% being fairly satisfied (down from 57% with some from this category being more satisfied and others less so). The ease and convenience of Luas was the overriding reason for people’s satisfaction with the service. Despite the issues caused by the introduction of the Cross City line the overall perception was also that the system had remained the same in comparison to the previous year.

* The full findings of the survey can be read on the National Transport Authority website.

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