More replica blinds completed in Blackpool and Heaton Park

Destination blind maestro Peter Watts has once again been in the UK delivering his latest replica blinds for use in Blackpool whilst a visit to Heaton Park Tramway also saw a few more destinations added to the replica blinds already fitted to Blackpool Brush 623 (from its time on loan in Blackpool). Four all new blinds were presented to Blackpool for use on trams which are currently operating and also some which will hopefully be in service once again soon.

Balloon 715 was the first recipient of a new blind. This is in the same style as that previously carried but with the addition on THE GHOST TRAM to allow the tram to show this destination when in use on these special tours which have been growing in popularity during 2018. The NORTH PIER AND TOWER destination has also been changed to a diagonal style. It is intended that the blinds removed from 715 will eventually be fitted to OMO 8, the OMOs carrying this style from new (having received their blinds from scrapped Coronations – it was the Coronation Cars where the condensed font style of blind first debuted).

Bolton 66 also received new replica blinds, including side blinds and the route letter blinds too. In total four destination blinds and two route letter blinds were fitted. The route letter blinds were copied from the original by Peter. The usual Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours destinations are included on the blinds plus THE GHOST TRAM and some Bolton tram destinations.

In addition to these two operation trams being treated to brand new blinds, Peter delivered blinds for Coronation 663 and Standard 143. Both of these trams are due to be returned to service in the near future and the blinds will be the finishing touch. At the same time as the blinds Peter delivered the new Ruby glass quarter lights for 143 (these are the same style as those fitted to Standard 147).

Following his work in Blackpool, Peter was then off to Manchester and the Heaton Park Tramway. His main focus of attention of Blackpool Brush 623 but it wasn’t an all new destination blind for the tram as it just required a few additions to the replica blind which had been fitted during its loan in Blackpool. As some may remember when Replica Vanguard 619 received replica blinds it had special Heaton Park additions and that it what was added to 623’s blinds on this occasion. The Brush car can now display LAKESIDE, MIDDLETON ROAD and DRIVER UNDER INSTRUCTION. And if that wasn’t enough Peter also took the opportunity to take electronic scans of blinds in Stockport 5 and Manchester 765 for future replica blinds.

A busy working holiday for Peter as he continues to provide our heritage trams with blinds that befits their condition.

THE GHOST TRAM destination shown on Balloon 715’s new replica blinds. (Photograph by Peter Watts with permission of Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours)

The letter blinds from Bolton 66 – the original and a replica produced by Peter Watts.

At Heaton Park and Blackpool Brush 623 shows off with one of its new destinations – DRIVER UNDER INSTRUCTION. (Photographs x2 by Peter Watts)

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