In Pictures: New location of fleet numbers on Edinburgh Trams

Ever since Edinburgh Trams started applying adverts there has been the issue of the fact the adverts have covered the main fleet number, making identification of the trams in the traditional three quarter photo difficult. However, in recent months some trams have started to receive their fleet number in a new position just over the destination screen, although still a relatively small size which tests the eyesight to identify the trams still. The below photos from Trevor Hall show the evolution of the fleet number position.

4th January 2018 and before adverts were applied the original position of fleet numbers just behind the driver’s cab is seen here on 257.

Then on 4th April 2018 and adverts have been applied covering the fleet number.

And finally 15th September 2018 and the fleet number is now applied on the front of the tram. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall)

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