In Pictures: Metrolink Trafford Park line construction progress

Work on constructing the Manchester Metrolink extension to Trafford Park is continuing at a good pace with various worksites along the length of the line. We reported earlier this month on the installation of a bridge across the Bridgewater Canal and a timelapse video of this is now available from TfGM. In this pictorial we take a look at progress across the line, which is due to open in 2020 with services running from Trafford Centre to Crumpsall. Steve Hyde with the photos.

This shot taken from the top of Pomona Strand is looking towards Pomona stop where a tram is waiting to depart towards MediaCityUK. We can see progress with the deck of the new bridge sections.

A wide view of the ramp down from Pomona Trafford wharf taken from Trafford Road showing the extent of the bridge works so far. A further road closure is booked for 29/30th of September to install the remaining sections.

We have now moved down onto Trafford Wharf Road at Wharfside stop where tracklaying has just started and the first section of track is visible.

This photograph was taken at Village Circle near to Village stop where thermit welding of rail joints was in progress, rails are now installed on both lines through the Village Circle roundabout and right through Village stop except for a short gap approaching the stop.

This shot was taken at the west end of Village stop and shows track laid right through the stop with the platform structure clearly visible.

We have now moved along to the western end of Village Way and this photograph shows track at Park Way stop. The track is fully embedded and most of the platform structure is in place as at Village stop.

We are now on the tow path of the Bridge water Canal under Park Way are looking at the newly installed bridge beams over the canal.

This view looking east shows the new bridge structure in its present state of construction.

We are now at the Trafford centre on the footbridge linking Barton Square to the main shopping centre. This view looks east along Barton Dock Road and Event City is to the left. Track is in place for a considerable distance, in the background behind the grassed hump the alignment curves to the left to climb up to the new canal bridge.

Still up on the footbridge but looking west we can see the track crossing the realigned Barton Dock Road and work started on preparing to lay the curves leading to the terminus stop. Straight track leading to the tramstop is clear to see in the background.

Again from the footbridge looking west along the approaches to the Trafford Centre stop with the approach tracks in place and further along in the background the start of the stop itself. (All Photographs by Steve Hyde)

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