In Pictures: More on new advert for Edinburgh 271

Last week we reported on how Edinburgh Trams 271 had received a new advert – becoming the fourth tram of the four tram deal with Parabola’s Edinburgh Park development. As with a previous advert it isn’t solely about the development though as it also featured full height adverts for the campaign to seek views on what people want to see in Edinburgh in 2050. Further images of this new advert are available below with thanks to Roy Calderwood.

Taken from the second floor of the Primark store on Princes Street we see an aerial view of 271 showing off nicely one of the full height adverts for the Edinburgh City Vision 2050.

A close-up of a full height section.

And here is a side view showing one side’s two full height sections. (All Photographs by Roy Calderwood)

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