In Pictures: Cherry Picker causes issues at Market Street

A cherry picker was carrying out maintenance work at the Debenham’s store in Manchester’s Market Street when it caused the pavement to partially collapse causing the footpath adjacent to the Metrolink line to be blocked on Monday 10th September. This led to Metrolink staff being stationed there to prevent pedestrians from encroaching into the path of any trams. Mark Shepherd with the photos.

The cherry picker is seen here with the pavement having collapsed underneath it.

Another view across to the cherry picker showing the narrowed pavement for pedestrians.

3022 leads a double unit through Market Street with Metrolink staff on duty to ensure no stray pedestrians encroached onto the tramway. (All Photographs by Mark Shepherd)

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One Response to In Pictures: Cherry Picker causes issues at Market Street

  1. John Hibbert says:

    Seems the cherry picker had been like this for a few days. I was in Manchester on Thursday 6th September and it was in this position then.