In Pictures: Latest phase of Supertram track renewal starts

The first phase of the 2018 track renewal works on Stagecoach are now underway with track on the Yellow route between Hillsborough and Middlewood due to replaced in the period until mid-June. Starting on Saturday 26th May all Yellow route trams are being diverted to Malin Bridge with replacement buses running between Hillsborough and Middlewood.

The first few days saw a concentration of work on the approach to Middlewood terminus which meant that the SupertramLink bus operated through to Hillsborough instead of the dedicated bus replacement which will run for the remainder of the period until Friday 15th June.

On Middlewood Road and good progress was already being made in the track replacement. This was the view on day two, Sunday 27th May.

A side view of the rails waiting to be lowered into the groove ready for their installation.

This is the crossing shortly before the terminus with inbound and outbound trams separated for the short distance to the tramstop.

At this point the worksite came up short of Middlewood tramstop.

The track comes labelled as to where it will go!

A close-up of the work on the crossing.

Moving forward to 29th May and this is the scene with track continuing to be laid on the approach to Middlewood.

Track still be laid as the line arrives at Middlewood.This is the approach to Middlewood.

And one final view from 30th May. This is where the two lines leading to and from the terminus diverge/converge (depending on your point of view!). (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke)

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