In Pictures: Sheffield 513 goes all the way at Carlton Colville

Since arriving at the East Anglia Transport Museum Sheffield 513 had been unable to travel the full length of the line because of its large wheelspan meaning the track alignment was too sharp for the tram to negotiate to reach the Woodside terminus. But work on realigning the loop – located just before the end of the line – over the winter period now means that when 513 runs in service it can give visitors a full ride as per the other trams in the fleet. Bryan Grint provided us with the below photos showing 513 at the terminus.

The realigned track is seen here.

Sheffield 513 stands at the extremity of the line, a location it couldn’t previously visit.

The trolley is turned.

513 negotiates the realigned track as it heads back to the museum.

On the passing loop as the tram heads through the woods. (All Photographs by Bryan Grint, 27th May 2018)

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