New body cameras to aid fight against antisocial behaviour on Metrolink

In recent months the amount of antisocial behaviour across the Manchester Metrolink network seems to have increased with numerous incidents of smashed windows and assaults reported in the local media. To try and combat these problems it has been announced that all Customer Services Representatives on board the trams will now carry body-worn video cameras to both deter potential troublemakers and also to be used to assist criminal investigations.

Bev Hughes, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, explains more: “It’s really important that every member of our community feels safe to travel without being intimidated or unduly concerned by the behaviour of others and these measures will reassure them that we take their safety and security extremely seriously. It also sends the message to those committing crime and antisocial behaviour on our transport network that we are always watching. Public transport is a safe way to travel and tactics such as this, which further boost safety and security, help us to reinforce and maintain that.”

In addition to the new body cameras new high visibility signs are to be rolled out to highlight and warn potential troublemakers that their actions will be caught on CCTV.

The new cameras will be clearly visible to passengers and aim to reassure passengers and cut down crime and antisocial behaviour by recording high quality live footage of a sufficient quality to provide evidence for prosecution.

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