In Pictures: The Terror Tram at Carlton Colville

Having been launched to much fun fare at Easter, the Fylde Transport Trust’s Blackpool Brush Railcoach 634 continues to be used on a regular basis at the East Anglia Transport Museum. In this pictorial article we head back to Carlton Colville to see the tram running again – its partner in service on Sunday 21st April was Sheffield 513 as caught on camera by Bryan Grint.

Blackpool 634 sets off from Chapel Road with another service. It passes The Avenue Stores which is the museum’s gift shop.

With North Station Blackpool in the news lately, 634 has a rather appropriate destination in this view as it comes off out the woods.

634 and Sheffield 513 wait at Chapel Road with Bournemouth trolleybus 286 also joining in on the picture.

A view from the other side at Chapel Road as 513 returns with a journey and joins 634 and the Bournemouth trolleybus again. (All Photographs by Bryan Grint, 21st April 2024)

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