Metrolink start to release performance stats

Following the major disruption on Manchester Metrolink earlier this week performance statistics are now starting to be released to show just how well the service is performing. So far two months worth of data has been released – performance period 11 and 12, the latter coincides with the major disruption caused by the overhead line damage at Bury and Deansgate-Castlefield.

Both overall Metrolink stats and line by line are included in the data which has been released on the Transport for Greater Manchester website and on the whole the stats make for fairly positive reading.

In period 11 – 7th January until 3rd February 2018 – 91.2% of all trams departed less than two minutes late with 99.4% of all planned miles being operated. Just 0.23% of all planned journeys were cancelled and 0.77% of journeys turned short of their planned destination.

Obviously different lines had different experiences with the Oldham & Rochdale (85.2%), Altrincham (86.2%) and Bury lines (87.6%) being the worst performers for punctuality whilst the Eccles and MediaCityUK lines enjoying 98.1% punctuality.

Then in period 12 (4th February to 3rd March) there was surprisingly an increase in punctuality figures despite the well publicised overhead line problems on 19th February. Overall 95% of journeys left within two minutes of their timetabled departure although there was a fall with the number of planned miles being operated to 98.26%. 1.06% of journeys were cancelled and 2.22% of all journeys ran short.

Punctuality was fairly consistent across all lines ranging from 94% on the Altrincham, Ashton and East Didsbury lines to 96% on the Eccles and MediaCityUK lines. On the reliability front the Oldham and Rochdale line was down at 94.63% with the Altrincham line seeing 99.3% of all planned miles running.

These figures are certainly interesting and will hopefully show the public that the service isn’t as bad as it seems when they travel on a daily basis. The full stats can be viewed on the Transport for Greater Manchester website.

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