Around the World in Trams: Kiev AB-1 & 5108

A trip into the Ukraine for this edition of our worldwide tram series.

In this image we can see two trams – AB-1 and 5108. The former car is an engineering vehicle with twin overhead collectors – albeit only one is raised when captured on camera. The other tram is just visible beyond the engineering vehicle but despite searching the internet we can find no details of what the tram is, when it was built and if it still exists! If you can fill in the gaps over either of these trams please let us know!

Photograph by Norman Daley

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2 Responses to Around the World in Trams: Kiev AB-1 & 5108

  1. bobatwb says:

    Looks like a Tatra T3, Kiev certainly had some of these trams.

  2. alantram says:

    5108 is very obviously a Tatra T3, actually it is type T3SU and was built in 1965 and scrapped in 1990. The other vehicle is AV-1 (because the letter B in Cyrillic script is V in Roman), originally a passenger car built in 1909 and converted to a works car in 1960 before being scrapped in 1977. Other AV cars of this type still exist and I photographed some in June, 2017.