Picture in Time: London County Council 106

We return to Crich for this edition of Picture in Time for a photo taken back in 1989 of London County Council 106.

Built in 1903 London County Council 106 is a “B” class tram with a four wheel truck and was one of 100 constructed by the Electric, Railway & Carriage Company initially just for conduit operation and as such a trolley pole was not fitted. The class was not destined for long-term use and in 1925 106 was one of 21 which were converted into snow brooms, in this case renumbered as 022. It was down to this why the tram survived into preservation with it coming into the care of the London County Council Tramways Trust and they started to restore the car before it was transferred to Crich in 1983. Entering service that same year it has spent most of the time since in service although as would be expected has also spent some time out of use being overhauled in the workshop. Currently it is back in service once again having returned to use in 2015.

This photo was taken on 14th June 1989 and shows 106 heading back to the main museum site. Glasgow 22 is just going out of view and judging by the camera on the top deck it seems that another tram may also be heading north.

Photograph by Ken Jones

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