Derby Castle welcomes more horse cars for maintenance

There was a time not too long ago that the movement of a horse car to the Manx Electric Railway’s Derby Castle workshops would have been a major story but now it is becoming more and more normal – in fact there are now so many there it is currently home to the third highest number of horse cars in the British Isles! Since we last reported on this two Winter Saloons have made the trip to Derby Castle – 1 and 27.

The first to arrive was 27 which had been undergoing a major overhaul elsewhere on the Isle of Man and missed the complete 2017 season. It is now at Derby Castle for the completion of this work before it returns to service.

1 has also made the short trip up from Strathallan where it is undergoing maintenance ahead of the new season – which starts on 29th March so not long to go now! It is to be fitted with a new set of wheels with the old ones having already been removed and the tram is now waiting for a new set to be fitted. The chance will also be taken to tidy up its paintwork.

Whilst 27 is now approaching the end of its overhaul sister car 29 has departed Strathallan for a similar level of attention to its bodywork. It is likely that 29 will miss the 2018 season.

36 has also recently been back to Derby Castle for some attention to its roof and the workshops are also home to 42 and 45 which are undergoing major overhauls. For 42 the tram has now been stripped at the start of its work with that on 45 at a slightly more advanced stage.

It is certainly all go as the trams receive the most significant attention they have done for many years.

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  1. Chris Callan says:

    Seems a genuinely exciting time for the Island. Seem to have dusted themselves down after some recent troubles and embarking on some quite impressive investment across the various aspects of the transport offering on the Island.

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