Luas resumes a full service

After the heavy snow suffered as a result of Storm Emma services on Dublin’s Luas tram network have finally resumed a full service on both the Green and Red lines. When we last took a look at services running there was a limited Red line service with no trams on the Green line but during Sunday 4th March the situation started to improve further.

Starting at 1100 on 4th March the Green line was running between Sandyford and Parnell at a frequency of every 30 minutes. This was then extended to Sandyford to Broombridge from just before 1300. Then from the start of service in Monday 5th March the full Green line was in operation

As for the Red line on Sunday 4th March it was confined to the Red Cow to The Point section with no trams able to run from Red Cow to Tallaght and Saggart. Again things were better by Monday 5th March with a service able to run between The Point and Tallaght/Saggart; this left just the branch to Connolly without a service and this has now followed so that a full service is once again running.

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