Website downtime & continuing issues **Update 6th March 2018**

British Trams Online is now more or less back to where we were on Sunday evening. 123 Reg – our hosting company – have now confirmed that the problem was a “hardware failure” which caused lots of websites to be taken offline. They were able to restore the website back to the state it was in early August 2017 with anything since then our responsibility to get back online (as apparently they don’t have a back-up server with the information contained since that date). All areas of this website excluding these news pages should now be back but if you notice any ommisions please let us know and we will endeavour to add them back to the site. Unfortunately because of the nature of the news pages which are based on an external Word Press blog we are unable to easily restore a previous version. Although all the news is back online the photos which accompany all stories from around 3rd August 2017 until the weekend are not available. We will try and re-add some of the photos as and when (for some of the stories it is more vital than others as the Picture in Time series for one is rather pointless without the photo) although this is likely to take some time – if you have any particular story you would like to see the photos on please let us know and we will try and prioritise those. Sorry for the disruption in our service to you and thanks for bearing with us whilst we work through these problems.

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