Tram allocations revealed for first Blackpool ‘gold’ event of 2018

The first ‘Gold’ operating weekend of 2018 for Blackpool’s Heritage Tram Tours is almost upon us, and following the exciting news that a heritage service will operate over the entire system on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th January, the planned vehicle allocations for both days have now also been revealed. Please note that the advertised trams are all subject to change.

The following trams are currently scheduled to operate over the weekend:

Saturday 27th January – Brush cars 630 & 631, Centenary car 648, Railcoach 680, Millennium car 718 and Balloon 723.

Sunday 28th January – Brush cars 621 & 623, Centenary car 648, Balloons 701 & 713, Millennium car 718.

In addition, Balloon 700 will be stabled at North Pier on the spare track next to the wedding chapel site on both days selling heritage tram souvenirs.

Understandably the line-up is dominated by the Brush and Balloon cars, these being the types of trams best represented in the operational fleet at present. Whilst some of the more interesting cars in the fleet are noticeable by their absence, warm trams are obviously most desirable in winter! The ability to ride a heritage tram to Starr Gate, and the offer of an increased number of Fleetwood journeys, should however make this a very enjoyable weekend and hopefully it will be well supported.

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