Picture in Time: Blackpool Twin Car 676+686 & Balloon 710

We are on the way back to 1981 for today’s Picture in Time image as we find ourselves at Pleasure Beach for a couple of views featuring two trams.

At this time the stop for northbound trams at Pleasure Beach was before the entrance to the loop instead of the location we now remember the other side of the junction and in both of these views that is where we see the trams on 16th August 1981. In this first image we take a good look at the two trams forming the northbound services – Balloon 710 (heading for Fleetwood) and Twin Car 676+686 (on a short trip to Tower). Both the trams are carrying the familiar green and cream livery (trust us despite the fact this is a black and white photo!) and are also still with trolleys. Passengers are boarding the Balloon Car whilst the Twin waits to pull forward to see if it can ensnare any passengers.

And then in this second image we move the other side of the tracks and see the two trams again as they wait for their respective departure times. In the background on the actual loop we can see a Boat Car and Balloon 724 which wait their turn to form another northbound service.

Both Photographs by Ralph Oakes-Garnett

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