Chance to cover all parts of Crich Tramway Village

The Branch Line Society are to repeat their highly successful tour of the Crich Tramway Village on Sunday 15th April 2018. Booking for the Crich Tramway Traverser is now open and is available to all, not only members of the Branch Line Society.

The Branch Line Society previously visited Crich in October 2016 when they covered as much track as possible on the tramway, including the traverser and various depot roads and that is exactly what they are hoping to repeat in April! It is planned that the tour will cover 11 depot roads, the depot crossover in both directions as well as the possible use of the depot centre siding and the traverser. It is anticipated that the tour will last between 1015 and 1530 and participants will then be free to look around the depot, museum and other attractions and ride on the trams in service for the rest of the day.

The cost for Branch Line Society members is £21, accompanied under 18s will be £17 and non-members £26. Further details of the tour and how to book can be found at

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