Picture in Time: Midland Metro 01

We travel back in time to the year 2000 for this edition of Picture in Time with the Midland Metro system the focus of our attention.

In this photo we see T69 01 standing at the far end of the Wolverhampton St George’s terminus on 30th May 2000. It is about to depart with a service travelling through to Birmingham Snow Hill but for some reason has gone right to the very end of the line instead of the usual position further towards the centre of platform. Since this time the stop has changed with the other platform face no longer in use by trams and the platform extended in length.

As for the tram featured in this photo it is now up for sale, by auction, after Transport for West Midlands decided they had no further use for them after all, having been stored at Long Marston following its withdrawal from service. 01 had been withdrawn from service was back in the autumn of 2006 and was transported to Long Marston on 13th October 2014.

Photograph by Tony Sullivan

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