Balloon 711 on standby for snow

It is traditional for the Blackpool tramway to prepare for possible snowfalls by equipping two Balloon cars with snowploughs. Last year saw 711 from the B Fleet selected for this role, and it has been chosen again this year. The tram was recently observed in front of the Electrical Compound with its plough fitted.

The snowplough attached to 711 is the smaller of the two held in stock, and the other larger plough is believed to be fitted to another Balloon car. For the last few years, 701 has been the chosen one although it has been suggested that 719 may take its place. Heavy snow is a rarity on the Fylde coast and so the chances of two purple Balloons clearing snow from the tracks are low, but would certainly be an incredible sight to behold!

Rebuilt Balloon 711 sits in Rigby Road depot waiting for the somewhat unlikely call to action in the event of heavy snow. Similar liveried 700 can be seen alongside. (Photo by Chris Callan)


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