British Trams Online at 15 – Tram Loans: Blackpool & Fleetwood Rack 2

Another tram not originally intended to travel to Blackpool for the 125th anniversary was Blackpool & Fleetwood Rack 2 but following the problems with transporting double deckers from Crich it was offered as a substitute and thus made its way home for the first time since 1998.

As with its 1998 loan 2 was only available for use on a limited basis and arrived in Blackpool on 2nd September 2010. After commissioning it was first used during a tour on 11th September but after this its problems started and made it a serious cause for concern as being able to take part in the anniversary events. On 22nd September it was out for a training run when it failed but after repairs at Rigby Road it was declared fit to run on a tour on 25th September but failed again. It did manage to see use successfully on a couple of other occasions including the anniversary parade and eventually returned to Crich on 4th October 2010.

On 25th September 2010 and 2 has failed on an enthusaists tour (with Marton 31 seen in front) as the trolley is tied down on the old centre track at North Pier.

A more successful outing on 27th September saw the tram reach Bispham.

Anniversary day itself, 29th September, as 2 makes its way to Pleasure Beach for the cavalcade. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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