36 returns to service as Douglas end another season

The last day of the 2017 operating season on the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway was a memorable one as not only did it see the pre-advertised End of Season Parade but also no. 36 returned to service for the first time since its high quality restoration was completed. It may also have seen the last time that popular Trammer Mark was used to haul passengers along the Prom.

The mini-event on Sunday 5th November saw a five tram Parade along the Prom (only four had been advertised) with the trams running in numerical order. The Parade was led by Rocky and 1 followed by William and 18, Ian and 29, Mark and 36 and finally Amby and 42. This meant four different types of tram were used from the seasonal (nice enclosed saloons in the form of 1 and 29) to the very unseasonal (Toastrack 42 making a very rare out of summer trip).

For 36 this was the first time it had been used since the 2016 season after which it was withdrawn for a thorough restoration and rebuild with a lot of the work being undertaken at the Manx Electric Railway Derby Castle workshops. The high quality work has now made the tram the pride of the fleet and with 45 currently at Derby Castle for similar work and Winter Saloon 27 away at contractors on the island it is hoped that at some point in 2018 the operating fleet will be in the best condition it has been for a long time!

Trams were also lined-up outside Strathallan Depot before the Parade took place with 18 and 36 – which would go on to be used in the Parade – joined by Toastrack 12.

The Douglas Bay Horse Tramway is now closed for the winter and will reopen on 1st May. Full timetable details – and if the Prom reconstruction works will affect the season in any way – will be released in due course.

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