Tramlink strike suspended

The planned strike by ASLEF members on London Tramlink, due to take place on 13th November, has been suspended following talks between the union and Tram Operations Limited, the operator of Tramlink. The strike had been called as a result of the introduction of a new safety measure in drivers cabs which the union had said was causing drivers to suffer headaches and has been put in without any consultation.

Talks were held at ACAS and during these discussions it was agreed that a fully independent safety analysis of the new system – known as “Guardian” – would be undertaken by a Professor of Ophthalmology to see if any ill effects are being caused. If the report does indicate that the system is causing problems it will be immediately switched off and any drivers who do report symptoms are to be fully supported by TOL in having an independent medical examination.

The release from ASLEF also confirms that an independent company is currently undertaking a full review into the underlying issues that cause tiredness and fatigue. As part of this review ASLEF have said they will be pushing for a 35 hour working week.

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