In Pictures: Citylink changeover

Since the Citylink tram-trains started running regularly in passenger service – with the Purple route still where you are most likely to see one in operation – the first of the class, 399 201, has seen very little use. This situation changed on Saturday 4th November when 201 was in use during the morning but around lunchtime it was taken out of use and replaced by the last of the class – 399 207. Views of the changeover come from Stuart Cooke.

399 201 waits at Cathedral having terminated from Herdings Park. Note that the destination screen is blank, the Citylinks often depart from Cathedral with either a blank destination or still displaying Cathedral.

As 201 departs from Cathedral out of service heading back to depot its replacement 399 207 approaches to take over the duty. (Both Photographs by Stuart Cooke)

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