Coronation 304 move delayed

The recently-announced loan of Blackpool Coronation 304 to Beamish Museum has been delayed slightly due to a slight hitch with the transport arrangements as a low loader is not available to move it in time. The tram, owned by the Lancastrian Transport Trust, was originally expected to run at the North East this weekend (6th & 7th October), but unfortunately this will not be possible.

It is still intended to transfer the car to Beamish shortly and hopefully it won’t be long before this maginificent tram enters service at this new, temporary home. 304 is of course currently in outdoor storage after being evicted from Rigby Road last month and this and the other five LTT-owned trams which moved to Marton are now blocked in by a number of circus vehicles which have been dumped in the same yard. Hopefully this will only be temporary as their positioning will make it very difficult, if not impossible, to extract any of the trams until they are moved out of the way!

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