In Pictures: Crich Starlight Spectacular

The Starlight Spectacular at Crich has firmly established itself in recent years as a popular event at the end of the season with special lighting effects and later opening allowing for some unique photo opportunities alongside various family activities. With the quirk of the calendar in 2017 it wasn’t actually the final week of the season but nonetheless another successful event took place which included Leeds 399 decorated again with lights to become an illuminated tram (with two other illuminated cars also available in the form of Blackpool open pair Toastrack 166 and Boat 236). A selection of sights from the event follow from the camera of Hazel Quarmby.

Before we get going with the Starlight Spectacular a quick look into the Workshop where long-term residents Sheffield 74 and London County Council 1 can still be seen. It is hoped that 74 will return to service in 2018.

Monday 23rd October saw the official switch on with Oliver Farnworth, who played Andy Carver on Coronation Street, doing the honours (just as well as he did the switch on then as by the end of the week he had been murdered on screen!) In this view we see the depot yard with Berlin 223 006-4 and Croydon Tramlink 058+061 with an illuminated ride for company.

A dreary autumnal day is brightened up by the saloon tights of Leeds 345 as it embarks on a journey to Glory Mine.

Illuminated tram Leeds 399 stands at Town End with its fairy lights ablaze on Thursday 26th October.

Leeds 399 heads off north and passes Chesterfield on the way.

Saturday 28th October and the trolley is turned on Liverpool 869 as passengers wait to board. The tractors on display are from the Ashbourne and District Tractor Club.

It is obviously a chilly day but that doesn’t stop a good load of passengers from enjoying a ride onboard Blackpool 166. Leeds 399 is also seen alongside cars from the Amber Valley Car Club.

Leeds 399, Blackpool 236 and MET 331 at Stephenson Place. (All Photographs by Hazel Quarmby)

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  1. Geoff IoM says:

    Why is Jeremy Corbyn driving 166?