In Pictures: Rare trams get washed at Crich!

Over the past few months, quite a number of trams at Crich have been treated to a thorough external clean, including some members of the static fleet which had not been washed for quite some time and were well due for this attention! ‘Dr Mop’ AKA Peter Whiteley has put this right by washing several stored trams and we are showing the results of some of his efforts from the summer.

Although obviously the museum takes great pride in the appearance of its operational trams which are well looked after, sometimes the rest of the collection can easily be forgotten but even when sitting idle, trams can still get dusty and dirty so it is good that so many have been treated to this basic but important attention recently. As well as ensuring that the static exhibits look good, it will also help to preserve the trams and their paintwork – oh and it gives a good excuse to see some more elusive trams outside as well!

On 5th August, Sheffield 189 made a rare appearance in the sunshine and is seen here being moved back to storage in the depots following its much-needed bath! This tram is currently residing in the running sheds following further shunt moves.

On 27th August, it was Southampton 45's turn for cleaning and it too is captured being shunted on the depot fan. 45's top deck required particularly thorough attention thanks to the efforts of birds!

On 1st October Sheffield works car 330 is seen being pushed by the Blackpool electric loco. This tram looked rather dusty when it appeared outside for 'Tram Day' last month but now looks nice and shiny again.

Finally, we see Blackpool 49 which was also washed on October 1st. The tram was then returned to Depot V but is now in front of 330. (All photos by Peter Whiteley)

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