Picture in Time: Glasgow 1282

For this edition of Picture in Time we are heading to Derbyshire countryside as we take a look at one of the members of the national collection at Crich – Glasgow 1282.

Built in 1940, Glasgow 1282 is one Coronation class of trams built in Glasgow Corporation Transport’s own workshops. Entering service the same year the tram continued in service on its home tramway up until the end in September 1962 and was in fact chosen to run special commemorative runs two days after the official closure of Glasgow Corporation Tramways. Acquired for preservation 1282 made the trip down to Crich in 1963 but was not to run in passenger service until 1978 following workshop attention. It then formed part of the operational fleet on and off until 2003 when it was withdrawn requiring further workshop attention. It did return to service briefly in 2012 for the Glasgow 50th anniversary of closure event at Crich but will require an overhaul before a full time return is possible. To this end the Scottish Tramway and Transport Society have launched a fund to help pay for these works.

In today’s image we see Glasgow 1282 in September 1992 passing the site of The Red Lion, which at this stage hadn’t been constructed yet. The scene on the left is also different with the Workshop Viewing Gallery still yet to be conceived either.

Photograph by Bob Gell

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