In Pictures: Stagecoach Supertram 118’s revised look

Not previously reported on these pages is the return to service on Stagecoach Supertram of 118 following the completion of accident repairs. You may remember that 118 was involved in a collision with 120 at Shalesmoor on 22nd October 2015 which saw the best parts of both trams amalgamated as 120 for a swift return to service whilst the other sections remained confined to depot whilst repairs were undertaken.

These repairs were completed in September with the tram back in passenger service by early October but sporting a slightly revised look. The “new” 118 is formed of one end and the centre section of 118 with the other end being from 120 and it as at the former 120 end that the external changes can be seen. At first glance the tram looks the same but there are some minor differences to the livery with the whole bumper now painted blue instead of having a red section. Internally the tram has also been fitted with new seat covers to the same design as the tram-trains will carry once they are cleared for service.

The slightly revised livery is seen here at Middlewood.

The revised seat covers on 118.

New window vinyls have also been applied to some of the trams listing various different ticketing options. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke)

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One Response to In Pictures: Stagecoach Supertram 118’s revised look

  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    Another livery variant on the Sheffield Supertram! How many does that add up to now?