In Pictures: Another action packed weekend at Crich

Sunday 26th June saw more action at Crich with the chance for retired crew members to visit, more cars/bikes on display and the latest day of the horse tram service. Hazel Quarmby was again on site as these photos shows.

Blackpool 166 - in service - and Liverpool 869 - in use for the Retired Members - meet at Wakebridge.

Cars from the Coventry TR Car Club are seen from 869 outside The Red Lion.

Sheffield 15 waits for Liverpool 869 to enter the depot.

Some veteran motorbikes on display as Sheffield 510 passes in the background.

Liverpool 869 at The Red Lion being pursued by Sheffield 15 with London Transport 1622 and Blackpool 166 in the background.

Sheffield 15 and Blackpool 166 complete this look at Crich on 26th June. (All Photographs by Hazel Quarmby)

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