In Pictures: Edinburgh Gateway construction works

Construction works of the new Edinburgh Gateway transport interchange which will see both a railway station and tram built open by the end of 2016 are continuing. In this pictorial update from John Hampton we take a look at recent progress whilst we also find the tram mock-up now situated at Edinburgh Airport.

This is a general view of the construction works for the new Edinburgh Gateway tram-train interchange which provides a link between trains on the route to/form Fife and Edinburgh Waverley with the Edinburgh tram. It is due to open towards the end of 2016. Tram 275 is passing through the new tram stop, the base for which and the platform edge upstands were built at the time of the construction of the original tramway. The railwaystation is in the upper right of the picture at a higher level than the tram stop.

Tram 256 is heading for the Airport having just left The Gyle tramstop and passing under the A8.The tracks to the right lead into the depot.

A view of the new railway station building with part finished platforms and a DMU, having just crossed the Forth Bridge, heading for Waverley.

The mock up of the Edinburgh tram has reappeared at the Airport, vinyled in the current livery. It is more visible at the exit from the airport terminal building than the trams at the terminus itself. Hopefully this will attract more customers to the tram. (All Photographs by John Hampton)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: Edinburgh Gateway construction works

  1. Phil Hart says:

    If only Metrolink had a bridge like this instead of that cage they have near Deansgate – Castlefield where trams have to crawl at snails pace.

  2. I hope at the end of the day it’s worth all the money spent AND aggro endured by motorists trying to negotiate Gogar roundabout over the last two years. At the end of the day, I have to question who will use the interchange. When it’s finished, I’ve got a feeling it’s likely to cause even more traffic disruption. Can’t understand what advantage it has over using Haymarket which is the obvious rail/road interchange for potential rail users to the airport.

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