Now its Midland Metro’s turn for a car on the tracks

Ahead of the grand opening of the extension to Grand Central (New Street Station) Midland Metro services were disrupted after the disease of cars getting stuck on tram tracks found its way to the West Midlands. In this incident on Sunday 29th May a Peugeot 207 got stuck next to crossover at Snow Hill Station. For those who don’t know the area this was quite a feat for the car driver as it means they managed to drive their car for some distance beyond Bull Street onto the grassed track and then beyond the new Snow Hill stop! Services were terminated at St Paul’s from the start of service for approximately three hours whilst the car was removed from the tracks. The driver was reported to be helping the Police with their inquiries.

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1 Response to Now its Midland Metro’s turn for a car on the tracks

  1. howieb says:

    If there was ever an argument in favour of the deterrent effect of a heavy fine and/or ban it has to be something like this. The loss of revenue and the incovenience caused to the travelling public alone makes it so. This sort of thing is at the same level of seriousness as incidents on heavy rail level crossings. The excuse of confusing/poor/nonexistent signage just simply does not wash.

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