More delays for Metrolink

The past week has seen another couple of days where Manchester Metrolink services have been delayed due to both a tram failure and signalling problems. On Tuesday 24th July a tram failed on the ramp heading up to Deansgate-Castlefield which meant that services across the network were severely delayed. The incident happened in the middle of the day and the tram was fixed and moved by 1345 but not before severe delays were experienced. Then during the evening rush hour on Friday 27th July there was a signalling failure at Cornbrook which once again caused major problems. All services on the Altrincham and South Manchester lines were suspended whilst engineers fixed the problems with all other services having to terminate at Piccadilly Station.

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  1. nigel says:

    More problems yesterday although not their fault for a change as uniyed utilities knocked out the signals at Cornbrook . On 3 occasions in last ten days it has taken me over an hour to get from Piccadilly to Radcliffe. At times there have been good announcements on the pa and at other times none.

    There main problem lies in the lack of correct information from customer services. I rang them from Picadilly station and they advise a Bury tram would be there within 5 minutes, it was 25 !!.

    This is by no means the first time this has happened and my partner has been told on many occasions during times of disruption that trams have been through her stop at Crumpsall when there obviously had not as she had been stood there.

    I would complement them on the punctuality of the first Bury service to Manchester of the day now as these have been a lot more reliable than of recent times. The main benefit we are now seeing again is that now the Oldham line has opened the St Werburgh Rd “Ghost tram” is now not routed in front of the service from Bury as it was when it started from Victoria.

    It was nicknamed the ghost tram by the early morning commuters as when it started from Victoria there was never anybody on it.

    I dont know who is responsible for the priority given to the trams over traffic in the town centre but this also has changed for the better with more priority it seems being given to the tram.

    So all in all as they say its a mixed bag for Metrolink at the moment, when they go down they can be truly awfull and at other times very good with customer service.

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