Bike trial for Edinburgh Trams

Edinburgh Trams have become the latest light rail system in the UK to trial bikes being allowed on their trams. The trial will take place throughout May and all folded and non-folded bikes will be allowed on board trams during off-peak hours.

Tom Norris, Director and General Manager of Edinburgh Trams, said: “Following a comprehensive safety assessment, and some helpful feedback from local cycle groups including Spokes and Pedal on Parliament, we’ve decided to move to the next stage by allowing passengers to bring their bikes on the trams throughout the month of May. We’re confident that the trial, and the resulting feedback, will allow us to understand the impact that permitting bikes on our trams has on our passengers.”

Bikes will be allowed on any trams between Friday 1st and Sunday 31st May but only until 0730 and from 0930-1600 and 1830-2300 on weekdays and all day over the weekend. Only two bikes will be allowed per tram and Edinburgh Trams staff reserve the right to refuse bikes to travel if the tram is too busy.

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