Variotram 2558 touches down at Therapia Lane

The deliveries of the Variotrams for London Tramlink is nearing completion with the arrival of the fifth (of six) of the Stadler built trams at Therapia Lane during the evening of Friday 18th May. Number 2558 joins its four sisters in the UK of which several have been seen in service so far.

As reported several times on British Trams Online a new Line 4 service is planned to be introduced sometime in June when all six are available for service. This service will be between Therapia Lane and Elmers End but will not necessarily be solely operated by the Variotrams.

To enable these extra services to run it has been reported that there will be a closure of the track between Arena and Elmers End between Saturday 26th and Tuesday 29th May and
from Wednesday 6th to Sunday 17th June. During these closures extra track will be laid on the short branch to Elmers End and further details are likely to be released next week when posters are applied to the trams.

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  1. Habib says:

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