Two more Flexities debut in service

Friday 18th May saw two more Flexity2 trams make their passenger debuts on the reinvigorated Blackpool Tramway when both 013 and 014 were used in service for the very first time. Unlike some of the earlier examples both trams had already had their full branding applied before entering service (indeed all trams currently in Blackpool are now carrying numbers following the departure of 002 back to Germany last week).

013 was the first of the trams to enter service being utilised on the first departure of the day from Starr Gate and this was soon followed by 014 in departing the southernmost point of the tramway to Fleetwood.

As has been reported extensively on British Trams Online there are currently 13 of the eventual 16 fleet of Flexity2 trams in Blackpool. Of the remaining three, 002 was recently returned to Germany for some rectification work whilst 015 and 016 have yet to be dispatched from Bautzen to begin their hopefully long and happy lives at the seaside.

Currently six of the 13 trams are needed for service each day with other examples in use on Driver Training. The numbers needed for service will increase from the end of June when the promised 10 minute frequency is introduced.

The use of these two trams on service means that all 14 have carried passengers at least the once with even 002 having been used over the Easter weekend  briefly, despite its apparent unknown faults which required it to return to the Bombardier factory.

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