Lost Trams 1: Nottingham 112

We have recently been contacted by someone whose father has an old tram in their garden and as they included some photos of the tram what better excuse than to start a new occasional series on these pages – Lost Trams! The subject of the first of this series is Nottingham 112 which was originally built in 1907 by Milnes Voss and was a Balcony double-decker. The photos show that the tram seems to still be in a fairly good condition and has been well looked after since it has been used as a shed.

The remains of Nottingham 112 in a garden - the first of our "lost trams" series. (Photo: Nigel Shelbourne)


An internal view of 112 showing it still in remarkably good condition. (Photo: Nigel Shelbourne)


A close-up inside the tram clearly showing the number of the tram. (Photo: Nigel Shelbourne)


  • Do you have any photos of any “lost” trams which could be used in this new irregular series? The definition of a “lost” tram is incredibly loose and to be honest could even include a tram which we very rarely feature on British Trams Online. If you want to help please feel free to email us at the normal address – gareth.bto@hotmail.co.uk.
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2 Responses to Lost Trams 1: Nottingham 112

  1. David Wilson says:

    I would live to know more about the London trams that went to the New Forest in the late 40s.Unlike here in Australia it would seem that few trams were disposed of into gardens and farms by the operators.

  2. David Taylor says:

    I hope it goes into preservation when they have finnished with it.

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