Public urged to give views on Douglas Horse Tramway future

A public exhibition is being held on Saturday 11th October at the Sea Terminal in Douglas as the Isle of Man Government seek opinions on where members of the public think the new single track Horse Tramway should be installed. As previously reported on British Trams Online the Douglas Horse Tramway closed on 14th September and is not expected to operate again until 2016 and during this time a start will be made on moving the tracks to the side of the Promenade road on Douglas seafront and this consultation is looking to see just where the tracks should be installed – despite the fact everyone thought the decision had already been made.

There are two options currently on the table:

* The tracks are moved to the side of the road next to the Marine Gardens but still on the actual road

* The tracks are moved onto the Promenade Walkway

Members of the project team will be on hand to answer questions at the Sea Terminal from 1000 to 2000 on Saturday 11th October (they were also there on Friday 10th October but we don’t need to tell you that as it has already passed!) There are outline designs, technical information and artists impressions on display as part of the exhibition which should give a good impression of what the Prom will look like in the future. A leaflet has been produced which people will be asked to complete and this is also available online at

It is expected that the trams will not return until summer 2016 at the earliest but recently it has been suggested the work on the reconstructed Promenade may be delayed opening up the possibility that the Horse Trams may run in their present form once again, although no official decision has been made on this yet.

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