Crich Event Preview: ‘Electric 50’ – 13th & 14th September

On Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th September, Crich Tramway Village will host one of its most ambitious events ever, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of electric tram operation at Crich. This will see an incredible twenty-five electric trams running in passenger service over the course of the weekend, with fifteen due to be in service at once for most of both days and all of them starring in a mammoth procession, again on both days. Add in some special guest trams and a few unique photo opportunities, and you have the potential for a very special event indeed!

When is it happening?

The ‘Electric 50’ event takes place on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th September. On both days, the museum will be open from 0945 (slightly earlier than usual) with the tram service commencing at 1030. Last tram of the day departs from Town End at 1800 and the site is expected to close approximately half an hour later, although a social event for Tramway Museum Society members also takes place on the Saturday evening.

Which trams will be running?

Great efforts have been made to get 25 electric passenger trams operational for this event and, subject to availability, all of them should run over the weekend with most of them giving rides on both days. The full list of available cars, and when they are expected to run in passenger service, is provided below:

Blackpool & Fleetwood 2 – all day Sat & Sun

Chesterfield 7 – Sunday AM only

Glasgow 22 – Saturday all day

Blackpool ‘Standard’ 40 – Saturday AM only

Blackpool & Fleetwood ‘Box’ 40 – all day Sat & Sun

Southampton 45 – all day Sat, Sun AM only

Sheffield 74 – Sunday PM only

Newcastle 114 – all day Sat & Sun

London United Tramways 159 – Sat AM & Sun PM

Blackpool 166 – Sat AM & Sun PM

Blackpool 167 – all day Sat & Sun

Leeds 180 – Sunday AM only

Blackpool 236 – Sat PM & Sunday all day

Oporto 273 – Saturday all day, Sunday AM

Metropolitan 331 – PM on Sat & Sun

Leeds 345 – Sunday all day

Leeds 399 – Sunday PM only

Sheffield 510 – all day Sat & Sun

Blackpool 630 – Sat PM only

Blackpool 711 – all day Sat & Sun

Blackpool 762 – Sat from 1100 (after launch ceremony) & all day Sunday

Glasgow 812 – Sat AM & Sunday all day

Glasgow 1068 – Sat PM & Sun AM

London Transport 1622 – Sat PM only

Berlin 3006 – Sat AM & other times if required

As usual all of these trams will operate subject to availability etc. Note that those trams from the above list not required for service on each day will still appear on the main line for the cavalcade only. AM cars should run between 1030 and 1300 with PM cars running from 1430 until 1800 (approximate times).

When will the tram cavalcades be?

On both Saturday and Sunday there will be a cavalcade of 25 trams at approximately 1400. Both will be different; Saturday’s will feature all of the operational passenger fleet in the order that they entered service at Crich, whilst on Sunday the order will show the evolution of tramcar design for over a century. This will be based on design rather than the age of the actual trams themselves.

The cavalcades will cause major disruption to the tram service between about 1300 and 1430. On both days the service will be suspended at 1320 and resume once the cavalcade has ended.

What other special attractions will there be?

A number of special photo opportunities will take place early on both days with visiting tram Newcastle 114 due to be displayed alongside resident Newcastle 102 on both days; on the Sunday this will be a ‘Trams of the North East’ display which will presumably also feature Gateshead 5. Before the tram service commences on Saturday, the two Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad cars will be posed for the cameras at the depot gates from 1000 to 1020. On Sunday, there will be a photo opportunity with the visiting trams near the bandstand, again from 1000 to 1020. In addition, Blackpool Jubilee car 762 will be officially launched into museum service on the depot fan at 1100 on Saturday 13th and will then be running for the rest of the day.

Other extra activities on both days will include a chance to see and handle items from the museum archive collections, publicity stands from sponsor groups in the workshop gallery and more. Special ‘Electric 50’ ales will be available from the Red Lion and souvenirs including a commemorative booklet with details on all of the operating trams will be on sale.

How much will it cost?

The normal admission charges will apply for this event with member’s passes, free return tickets etc. valid as usual. See for full details.

What online coverage will there be?

All being well, both of the British Trams Online team will be attending on both days so we should be able to post plenty of photos of the event afterwards! There will also be detailed reports of all the action – and if you can’t wait that long, our Facebook page should be regularly updated over the course of the weekend with news and pictures from Crich as the event unfolds.

Please note that all of the information regarding this special event is provided in good faith, but is all subject to change. Neither British Trams Online or Crich Tramway Village accept any responsibility for any changes which may be made to the advertised schedule.




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