Crich prepare for Spongebob

Recent outside work at Crich Tramway Village has been taking place at the tramway’s Glory Mine terminus, which is to be opened up as a proper tram stop where passengers can board and alight next season. Whilst this work is progressing, the opportunity is also being taken to create some extra space for Blackpool 762 to reverse.

It may be remembered that testing of 762 – otherwise known as SpongeBob due to its Nickelodeon Land advertising livery – took place during the autumn. Although clearance tests were successful, fitting this large tram into the reversing stub at Glory Mine was a rather tight squeeze. Some excavation works have therefore been taking place which will not only create some space for visitors to walk around, but also offer improved clearances for 762. This is another pleasing development which confirms the dedication to operating this car in museum service, something that will hopefully commence at some point during 2014, although a launch date has yet to be announced.

Unfortunately, a setback has occurred recently when 762 suffered a compressor defect during test running. This seems to be a common ailment amongst the recently preserved Blackpool trams, having also affected cars 619, 623 and 630 in the last couple of years. Hopefully this will not delay 762‘s much anticipated debut in passenger service at Crich, which is likely to be one of the highlights of 2014 for fans of the traditional Blackpool tram fleet, as no Jubilee car has run in service since their withdrawal in November 2011.

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