More problems at Cornbrook as points fail twice in a week

The troublesome points at the major junction at Cornbrook have caused more problems for commuters on Manchester Metrolink, failing twice over the past week. They first failed on Monday 14th October at around 0700 and then further problems were experienced on Thursday 17th October.

Unfortunately every time the points fail at Cornbrook it causes major problems with services to Altrincham, Bury, East Didsbury, Eccles, MediaCityUK and Rochdale all affected. In fact the only service not affected by problems at Cornbrook is the Ashton-under-Lyne to Bury service.

On the Monday the problems was first discovered at 0700 – just as the morning rush hour was starting – and despite engineers getting to the scene as soon as possible services were suspended on the Eccles, East Didsbury and Altrincham lines. Delays were experienced for the remainder of rush hour and beyond as the service was gradually reformed.

Then on Thursday – again during the morning rush hour – there were further problems with the points and once again services through the area suffered delays.

Transport for Greater Manchester have said that the ongoing problems at Cornbrook are unrelated and are currently being investigated to try and get to the bottom of them so that a solution can be reached to help make Metrolink the efficient transport system it can be as well as something all of the region can be proud of.

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6 Responses to More problems at Cornbrook as points fail twice in a week

  1. Ralph Oakes-Garnett says:

    It is alright Metrolink going on about the second city crossing but it does not help this important section of line where all but one line use. Also in the future the Airport line also will use and the promise of doubling of most frequencies. What is needed is another route away from Cornbrook to relieve the strain or an extra line/platforms in parallel with present line.
    I would have suggested the unused viaduct adjacent on the city approach but having noted the state of the iron pillars recently much work would have to be done.

  2. Ralph Oakes-Garnett says:

    This morning Monday 21st October the Cornbrook Points failed yet again.
    I really think this is extremely serious and can not be allowed to go on like this. There must be many lost existing and potential passengers to the system. Metrolink is not cheap and it is easy to find more reliable means of transport and people will. So Metrolink get on with it NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mike Norris says:

    And Again Tonight ( But they are now calling it an infrastructure problem)
    to disguise the fact thats its the points – AGAIN

  4. Robert says:

    Yet another problem with the points today at Cornbrook. Apparently due to ‘new technology” causing problems.

  5. Ken Walker says:

    Points failure again last Monday (28th October) and today “technical fault” at Cornbrook ( perhaps “points failure Cornbrook” was becoming too tedious an excuse)

  6. John Gilbert says:

    Just to comment, cynically, that it would be interesting to learn how many times vital junction points fail in the vast number of European cities which have had trams for ages, and compare those statistics with those from Manchester Metrolink!!